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Erin Brennan Photography is now Cedar Creative Company!

We expanded our services a while back, offering graphic & website design, in addition to photography services. The time was right to rebrand.

Please check out our new website, for more information!

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Erin Brennan

I am a photographer, designer, and writer focusing on outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and sustainability. My photography style is artistic and journalistic, with an emphasis on gorgeous landscapes that allow the viewer to connect with and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. My images are rich with contrast and bold colors that are authentic to what the eye sees, and tell the story of your life or brand. I believe that images should truly stand the test of time, which is why my photos emulate the classic film with which I learned the art of photography.

I love the outdoors and I find the beauty of nature to be infinitely inspiring – from breath-taking mountains, to ancient forests, to wind-swept coastlines. The clients I work with are equally inspired by the outdoors and want to protect our natural places for future generations to enjoy.

I am an avid traveler, camper, and backpacker. I love a good road trip in my trusty van. My passport is full of stamps, and I’m dying for more – I'm available to travel anywhere worldwide.



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